Streisand project.

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Introduction / What is this

Streisand me! is a service by the proud people of the internet. This is a meeting place and resource page for everyone who want to participate in the creation of a censorship resistant internet.

This is how it works: A known phenomena on the interwebs is the Streisand effect. Whenever something important or popular gets blocked, withdrawn or censored, the internet finds a way of keeping it online. This is because of the fact that the internet consists of humans that refuse to keep their mouths shut just because some authority tells them to. Which often results in a fast propagation regionally or even globally and a wide spreading of the surpressed information in digital form on the internets. TL;DR : the internet never forgets.

In many places all over the world, information which is politically, religiously or for some other random reason not accepted, gets blocked by authorities, internet service providers or employers. To put an end to such behaviour by states and corporations we give your

There are approximately 2 billion nodes on the internet. Each of these nodes can be a mirror site. Yes, even your home computer, if connected to the internet. There is no practical way even for the harshest of regimes to stop us from duplicating the content that is being blocked. We are on the winning side, we just need to start copying stuff - we need to intensify the Streisand effect. This site is about how that is done!

How to set up your own mirror

To mirror a site you need to get a web server up and running. Then you report the mirror site back to us and we will ship it into occupied networks after we have verified it. See our General Tutorial for howto create a web server.

How to contact us

Join the chat through our web client or with your desktop client.

Who are behind streisand proyect.

This site is provided by internauts who have been mirroring sites and pierced through censorship firewalls for a long time. This project instance is currently hosted with Freed0m4All and created by Telecomix, which is a cluster and a meeting point for internet activists from all over the world.